Technical & Innovation Centre

Technical & Innovation Centre
At the heart of activity

Opened in 2012, the Technical and Innovations Centre (CTI), sits on 2 hectares, with 6000 sq m of indoor facilities, is the venue for some forty personnel each day. A strategic part of our business, the centre has several technical departments that perform a variety of functions:

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Showroom
  • Metrology
  • Training Centre
  • Logistics Platform
  • Maintenance

Essential to carrying out a project for a customer, the CTI enables us to conduct the following tasks:

  • Job feasibility study
  • Adapt the process to the customer’s environment
  • Model projects before they are carried out
  • Resource planning:
    • equipment
    • flow dynamics
    • water filtration
    • electric
  • accessibility
  • Mobilisation planning
  • Dispatch of materials to jobsite in France or abroad

Technical showroom

Demonstration, our proof.

Customers can visit the CTI to see demonstrations of technology and innovations before we go out to their sites.

This is an opportunity to showcase our latest cutting-edge processes and machines straight out of our Research & Development Department.


Measurement and Traceability, the sign of our transparency.

All our equipment is inspected every time it returns from site. Measurements are taken to ensure the equipment is totally cleansed of all pollutants or other substances and is ready to be dispatched on the next project.

Each item is tracked using dedicated software. This means that our Customers have comprehensive information on the equipment that will be used on their sites at all times.

We believe that this evidence of our transparency in the form of this ISO-certified traceability is essential to our relationship of trust with our customers.

Logistics platform

Organisation, our speed of response.

Our platform for both storage and communications is where we manage incoming/outgoing equipment and plan and prepare future jobs.

Due to our culture of investing, the company today benefits from a comprehensive fleet of equipment. This in turn requires regular management (maintenance service, metrology and training), which demonstrates to our customers just how committed we are to meeting their needs swiftly.

An important unit within the Technical and Innovations Centre is our spare parts store to ensure a high degree of maintenance reactivity.

Maintenance service

Looking after our equipment, a necessity.

Our engineering, electrical, sheet metal work and welding teams and workshops do corrective and preventive maintenance on our industrial equipment internally at the CTI.

Maintenance thus includes troubleshooting and repair, adjustment, overhauling, inspection and checking of physical equipment.

Our technicians also take part in studies to improve the industrial process in the light of financial constraints and ecological and safety imperatives.