Asbestos removal

Certified by AFNOR for asbestos material confinement and withdrawal work, Lassarat is a dominant force in asbestos paint removal by UHP water jetting and abrasive blasting.


The work, which is carried out under the supervision of the protective authorities, workplace physicians and the certification body AFNOR, ranges from encapsulating the area to be treated, through the regulatory analyses, to removing the materials. The work is carried out by our teams who are specially trained in these “confined spaces” operations.


Working according to the strictest rules

Our Technical & Innovations Centre (CTI) is continually researching and developing solutions for increasing the safety and comfort of our workers. :

Maintenance and dismantling:

Our properly trained teams
work on equipment including:

Ship ballasts tanks, dam gates, floating docks, interior and exterior of penstocks, submarines and other industrial elements.
We also have a fixed installation at the Cherbourg site which enables us to handle all items transportable by lorry.

LASSARAT works on level 1, level 2 and level 3 class operations with a complete methodology in accordance with the regulations, including :

  • Listening to the customer and analysing the job
  • Risk assessment
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Integral protection of teams and structure
  • Environmental awareness
  • Inspection of operations
  • Control of traceability of asbestos waste