Expandable abrasive blasting
(Non-recyclable) abrasive pressure blasting

More commonly known as sandblasting, this industrial technique involves throwing particles of non recyclable abrasive media using air under pressure at a surface.

Because of a high impact velocity, sandblasting both rapidly cleans off rust and/or old paint present on the surface, and roughens the surface, creating an excellent surface profile for the paint.

This technique is particularly suitable for on-site work.

Steel abrasive blasting
recycled abrasive pressure blasting

A technique similar to sandblasting, steel abrasive blasting propels steel shot or steel grit of steel rather than sand.

Recycled and dedusted at each cycle, steel blasting is a technical (excellent cleanliness and roughness), ecological (less waste, less dust) and economical alternative to the use of sand.

This treatment is particularly suitable for workshop work (encapsulated area dry environment).