Floor coatings

Our teams offer a complete range of floor coatings suited to your requirements:

Film-forming coatings (300µ – 800µ)

  • Resin floor protection system
  • Anti-dust, decorative appearance
  • An economical coating ideal for car parks, workshops, warehouses etc.

Semi-thick coatings (1-4 mm)

  • Self-smoothing epoxy or polyurethane (PU) system
  • Smooth, uniform appearance, hard-wearing (abrasion and chemicals)
  • Multipurpose seamless coating ideal for laboratories, cleanrooms, food processing factories etc.

Thick coatings (5-10 mm)

  • System or mortar of epoxy resin, PU, water-based
  • Coating is mechanically, thermally and chemically very tough
  • An anti-slip coating that can correct an uneven surface, ideal for areas with heavy traffic

Antistatic coatings

  • A smooth, uniform or coloured appearance, ideal for areas sensitive to static electricity (cleanrooms, IT etc.)

Decorative and recreational coatings

  • Thickness: 1-5 mm
  • Quartz Color epoxy resin system
  • A visually attractive coating, slip-resistant, with good mechanical strength, ideal for public, commercial, pharmaceutical etc. premises.

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