Painting System
Anti Corrosion Coatings

A historic speciality of Lassarat is the application of industrial anticorrosion paints, which offer many benefits to plant owners:

  • Protection: reduces the effects of the external environment
  • Durability: increases the efficiency and service life of industrial structures and infrastructure
  • Aesthetics: colour stability, structure enhancement 
  • Ease of cleaning: coatings that can be cleaned by high pressure water cleaning.

On old or new surfaces, anticorrosion systems are specified by our customers, recommended by manufacturers and planned by our technical departments. The paints used are certified, approved and guaranteed by specialist bodies:

  • The ACQPA (French Association for Certification and Qualification in Anticorrosion Paint),
  • The OHGPI (French Office for Approval of Industrial Paint Guarantees).

Extend the life of your plants…

Metallisation System
Anti Corrosion Coatings

Also known as shoopage, it consists of melting the
metal, presented in the form of wire, and projecting it
using flame guns or electric arc.

  • Unlike galvanized elements, the dimensions of
    metallized elements are not limited, which could
    ultimately reduce the number of construction joints to
    be made;
  • No drying or curing time, which greatly increases the
    manufacturer’s productivity in the factory;
  • Zinc is a recyclable material and the metallization
    process produces no emissions of volatile organic
  • It is a process where the temperature of the surface to
    be metallized never exceeds 120 to 150 ° C (250 to
    300 ° F). There is virtually no risk of damage to welds
    or deformation of steel due to high temperatures